Poster Session

In the interest of having an interactive Poster Session that facilitates a lively discussion at the Posters, as we are used to at a “real life” Conference, we decided to use, a virtual Conference platform in 2D and 8 bit.

The Poster Hall is now open for all registered participants. Our gather space also has plenty of room for informal get-togethers and meetings – all participants are invited to use any time between now and the end of the conference!

Conference program with link to our Poster Hall

Every participant can create an individual Avatar, who can stand next to a poster, and who can be addressed by other participants. When getting close to each other, a videochat opens that allows a face-to-face conversation as we are used to from real life conferences.

You will find more general information at At their website, you can create a free account even before the conference starts, and familiarize yourself with the platform. A short video tutorial is also available here:

We recommend having a stable internet connection, and ideally a LAN as opposed to a WLAN connection. We will provide the link to the specific GEBIN Poster Hall shortly before the meeting via email and on the conference website.

Please prepare your Poster according to the Poster Session instructions and upload your poster before 9:00 on Monday, March 28, 2022 to our Conftool website.