Educational Short Course

The 2022 GEBIN short course will be held in a virtual format this year. More information will follow, but please follow the procedure outlined below to apply.

In 2022, GEBIN will again offer the traditional GEBIN Educational Short Course for advanced students of Medicine, Biology, Psychology, and related fields of study (only Master’s and PhD students, and Postdocs no longer than two years post PhD), organized by Prof. Dr. Adriana del Rey, Marburg.


This year’s program features key GEBIN topics such as autoimmunity and mental illness, stress effects on the immune system, as well as Tumor and immune cell metabolism, to name a few.

Please see the final program here:

2022 GEBIN Short Educational Course-Program


To apply for participation in the Short Course, please download and complete the attached file and send it to Prof. Dr. Adriana del Rey, Research Group Immunophysiology, Division Neurophysiology , Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, University of Marburg, by email.

The deadline for your application is March 12, 2022!

Participants should be aware that basic knowledge about immunology, endocrinology, and neurobiology are a requirement.

Participation Fee

There is no fee to attend the GEBIN Educational Short Course. However, we encourage the students attending the course to also participate in the GEBIN Conference that follows immediately after.

We might be able to cover the registration fee to participate at the GEBIN Conference. Please indicate in the registration form if you would need this financial help.

Virtual Networking Session

Due to the very positive reception of the Networking Session by participants of previous courses, we decided to continue organizing it. During this Networking, participants can present their on-going research project, discuss their results with teachers and participants of the course, or share related initiatives. How much time will be available for each presentation depends on how many participants express their willingness to do it. Please let us know if you are interested!

Please note that a presentation is not a requirement to participate in the short course, but it will be an excellent experience!

Virtual Trainee-Teacher Get-Together

Unfortunately, due to the on-line format of the Course, we will not be able to have a Trainee-Teacher Dinner this time, as we have always had in the evening of the first day of the course. We really regret it! However, are organizing a virtual Trainee-Teacher Get-Together with a Dinner voucher for a food delivery service so that we can all have Dinner together, if only remotely.

Date and Time

March 29, 2022, starting 13:30 (open end of virtual Dinner) and March 30, 2022, 09:00 – 13:00.


The 2022 GEBIN short course will be held online. We will announce the platform to accepted participants when planning is finalized.

If you need any additional information, just send an email to Adriana del Rey,